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Transaction cost economics
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2nd announcement

Large update of the reference section
The reference section is updated with more than 200 new titles mostly from financial journals, covering topics in capital market theory.

New section on information retrieval systems
The section on information retrieval systems has finally been launched and it features a review of Piranhaweb from Thomson Financial. Go to section. Read review.

New page on fundamental value analysis
The page can be found on Presentation: Fundamental value analysis. Related pages have also been updated. 

Large update of the reference section
The references have been updated with more than 300 new titles.

Improved search engine
The search engine has been improved. 

Announcing the second version of Encycogov
The second version of Encycogov has been terminated. Encycogov is now a dynamically generated website. This is good news because it means fewer errors and more updated content. 

New logo and name
Starting today the old name 'TCGE' (The Corporate Governance Encyclopedia) and its associated domain www.tcge.dk is replaced with the new name 'Encycogov' (Encyclopedia of Corporate Governance) and its associated domain www.encycogov.com. The reason for replacing TCGE with Encycogov is to get a pronounceable name that is easier to remember. Furthermore, the reason for replacing the top-domain 'dk' with the new top domain 'com' is that Encycogov basically is an international web site with an international audience. The link to Denmark ('dk') is only that the web site is hosted and produced in this country at Copenhagen Business School.

New special section on ownership structure and performance
Included pages: 1)
Table: Managerial ownership and performance- Empirical studies. 2) Table: Empirical studies on ownership structure and performance.

New special section on stock price theory
Included pages: 1)
Exhibition: Why the equilibrium stock price is fluctuating. 2) Exhibition: Why tough disclosure laws / rules decrease stock price fluctuations. 3) Exhibition: Why excessively dispersed ownership increases stock price fluctuations. 4) Exhibition: Private or public ownership- The effect on enterprise valuation.

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