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What is corporate governance?
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Key topics
 The big picture
 Stock price formation
 Fundamental value analysis
International corp. governance

Incentive mechanisms
 Decision system
Performance monitoring
 Incentive based compensation
 Bankruptcy system
 Ownership structure
 Creditor structure
 Capital structure
 Market for corporate control
Labor market competition
Product market competition

Related topics
Transaction cost economics
 Positive economics



About Encycogov - Frequently asked questions

Q1: What is Encycogov?
Encycogov is an interactive encyclopedia about corporate governance and financial issues intended for use by students, academics, investors and regulators.

Q2: What is Encycogov's mission?
To be a useful resource for people searching for information about corporate governance and finance.

Q3: Who produces the contents at Encycogov?
This site was produced by H. Mathiesen mainly during his PhD program. It is no longer expanded but it will stand as it is to the benefit of students, academics, investors and others.

Q4: Who are using this site?
The majority of Encycogov's visitors come from USA and United Kingdom. Indeed, most of the visitors come from English speaking countries. Nevertheless, every month Encycogov have visitors from at least 100 different countries.

Q5: What kind of information does Encycogov offer?
The encyclopedia covers issues of relevance for corporate governance and finance. This includes all the topics that are listed in the border to the left.

Q6: I found an interesting reference, Coase [1960]. Where can I find the full reference?
Go to the reference pages by clicking the REFERENCES button in the upper right corner of any webpage at Encycogov.

Q7: What is the fastest way to get relevant info and references on a particular topic?
You have two options: 1) Browse through the hierarchy of pages starting by selecting a topic in the blue border that fits your special interest. 2) Use the search engine of the encyclopedia. The search engine page is accessed by clicking the SEARCH ENCYCOGOV button at the upper right corner of the webpage. Tip: When you have found the relevant web pages containing your search keywords you may use the find function in your browser's edit menu to locate exactly where the keywords appear on the web page (alternatively launch the find function by simultaneously typing the 'Ctrl + F' keys). This is relevant for large pages, such as the pages containing the Encyclopedia References.

Q8: I have printed a few pages from Encycogov but they are updated frequently. How do I know that I have the latest version of a particular page?
This is simple. Just check the version number at the top of the page under 'Page info'. If it is larger than the version number at your printed page you don't have the latest version.

Q9: Why do some pages look different on print than on my screen?
This is a common problem with web pages and the magnitude of it depends on the internet browser that you are using and the skills of the web page creator. You may solve the problem immediately by using Microsoft's Internet Explorer browser instead of other internet browsers since this website is optimized for use with Internet Explorer. If you don't have it on you computer you can download and install it for free at Microsoft's website.

Q10: How may I contact Encycogov?
You may e-mail Encycogov's author and producer H. Mathiesen. Mails about the contents of this site are welcome (such as, critique and errors).


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