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Exhibition: Deciding on fundamentals - The stylized case of credit ratings


Introduction: The message of this exhibition is that both organizational form (part 1) and specialization among experts (part 2) serve to improve the quality of complex decisions on corporate fundamentals.



Part 1: Organigram for a global rating service


Notes: 1) This part borrows from figure 3 in “Global Credit Analysis” [1991, page 92]. By Moody’s Investors Service. 2) The dotted lines means that recruitment for the rating committees (and the analytical team) also may come form other departments than the corporate department.


Part 2: Moody’s ongoing analyses of rated issuers


Notes: This part borrows from “Global Credit Analysis” [1991, figure 1, page 88]. By Moody’s Investors Service. The decision process is not less general because it comes from Moody’s. Other rating agencies are working in a similar fashion.


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