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Table: Hypotheses - Effects of creditor structure on performance and other incentive mechanisms in corporate governance


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3) From creditor structure to corporate performance

3A: Using short-term debt rather than long-term means that the capital market evaluates managers more often because of faster debt roll-over and this may increase financial performance (Shleifer and Vishny [1997, page 757]).


3B: A large creditor may press the management to pursue so safe investments that it hurts long-run profitability. More info.


12) From creditor structure to decision system

12A: Large creditors may sit on the board of directors or otherwise influence the firmís decision process.


21) From creditor structure to bankruptcy system

21A: A bankrupt firm may have a better chance of being reorganized or being liquidated at fewer costs if it has a few large creditors rather than numerous of small creditors.


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